Self-Imposed Crises: How We Become Our Own Victim

I’m a really observant person. I often don’t even realize it until a while after the fact, but I seem to have an ability to identify patterns pretty easily. So, what do I mean? I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately among my fellow 20-somethings. I’m sure this has been going on forever and I’m sure […]

Coming Full Circle

I started this blog a year ago tomorrow. My goal was to write every day as a way of working toward becoming a better writer and making myself feel like I was doing something meaningful. I haven’t written every day. Far from it. And this has become more like some sort of weird diary/journal thing […]

1 Huge, Overlooked Job Search Tip

I landed my current job through somewhat of a fluke. I was applying and applying and applying and applying. I was getting very few, if any, responses. So, of course, my nights of Craigslist searching paid off and I found an advertisement that was not only legitimate, but right up my alley. So, I compose […]