“The Blogless Blogger” or “When Fun Becomes Work it’s No Fun”

I haven’t visited this blog in some time. I started it for a few reasons. First, as a way to chronicle a year that I anticipated to be one of transition. Second, to get myself to write more (I do have a writing degree, right?). And third, as a way to establish some sort of online presence as a way to boost my chances of getting a job.

I’m not one to stick to habits. In fact, the original title of this blog was “365” because I planned on writing one blog a day for a year. Yeeeah. That didn’t work out. So, instead, it became a sort of chronicle of advice and experiences in my journey toward getting a “big girl job.” Well, what happened? I finally got that “big girl job” and stopped writing. Why? There are few reasons, but the most significant one is the fact that I make my living, in part, by blogging. I am supposed to write several blogs a week to satisfy the requirements of my job. But, as one might expect, blogging at work usually entails writing about relatively boring subject matter for the purposes of catching Google’s little bots in their constant crawl across the web. Yay SEO! And, as a result of both my pig-headedness and the fact that writing is no longer the most fun thing I can do in my spare time, I don’t write for my blog anymore.

There’s a part of me that laments that fact. I have so many ideas mulling about in my mind. To put them all into action or give them voice would likely result in my never sleeping. But, there is still that desire. That need to give life to things that exist as little synaptic firestorms in your brain. And, yet, here I am. I’m writing. Is it well-organized? Does it have some larger message? Have I carefully planned it out to make sure that it is optimized for Google? No. This is more like stream-of-consciousness than anything. But, I’m actively engaged in the pursuit, however banal my attempt.

Until this time next year,


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