I did it.

After over a year of trying, I finally did it. I got a job. A big girl job, at that.

What did I learn from this long period of waiting around? It seems that when you’re about to just give up and get a retail job, when you’re almost out of steam and you think that you’ve got nothing to lose, you finally put yourself out there and things start happening. When we remove our self-imposed anxieties and just throw ourselves out there on a limb, we take bigger risks than we would have before. Risks to our ego that really can’t be bruised any more. So, I did it. And it started to rain, and then it started to pour. And I had two opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I actually was in a position where I had to choose.

So, long story short, I guess all this talk about risk-taking isn’t a bunch of crap. There’s something to it.

And now I no longer have to complain about looking for jobs. For now 😉


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