Finally! Another interview!

So, after nearly nine months of getting nowhere, I finally have another interview. I’m terrified, but I finally have one.

Since my job search began in July 2012, I have learned one thing: Finding a job is not easy! While I have held up to three jobs at one point, looking for quality work as you make that step into the professional world later than everyone else is a lot harder than nabbing that minimum-wage retail job. I think the job market is just over saturated with qualified talent. While that is great for employers, it makes things harder for jobseekers. Couple that with the trend toward online vetting systems to weed out the undesirables and getting your foot in the door is, arguably, more difficult these days.

Meh. I can complain all day about this. But, honestly, I speak from a position of privilege relative to the rest of the world and I can’t ignore that. I know that “first world problems” are luxurious complaints. But, it is also true that succeeding in America means constantly climbing the ladder. You can exist comfortably on the same rung, but in a state of stagnation that is generally unacceptable. I don’t like to accept the status quo easily. But, I’ve learned that in order to buck the system, you often have to become part of it first.

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