Keeping the Hamster Wheel Going

If you’re like me, you vacillate between feeling like you’re lacking the motivation to do anything and feeling like you’re running on a hamster wheel. Although both have their relative downsides, I think I’d rather be on the hamster wheel than on the proverbial couch. 

It all boils down to momentum and stamina. It is really hard to keep yourself moving when you feel like you’re getting nowhere. But, given the two options, one makes you complacent while the other makes you frustrated. I tend to think that complacency doesn’t lend itself well to action, whereas frustration can be channeled. I’d rather be ready to go when the moment comes than to have to get myself going from a cold start. 

Am I always on the wheel? No. I like being on the “couch,” too. And keeping up momentum and stamina is hard. But, it’s at least a running start.


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