Adjusting to Life as a Non-Student

Despite the fact that I’m getting very close to 30, I have spent nearly all of my life in school. I started in 1990 and didn’t leave until May 2013. That is a long, long time. Because of this, my brain has been so accustomed to thinking of a year as August to May (with a few months in between May and August). My brain was hardwired in “student mode.” Granted, I spent the last two years teaching, but I still was in school (and my alma mater, at that).

So, what does this have to do with anything? Why does it matter? Well, quite frankly, I am having to rewire my brain. As August starts full-force, I keep thinking to myself “Gee! The summer is over!” But the truth is, it isn’t. The actual summer has barely started. But, I still feel like I have to get ready for school. I will say, however, that this disruptive cognitive change is actually pretty nice. I never had a clean break from the academic world and it is kind of refreshing to not have to “get ready for school” in the next few weeks. I’m enjoying the mental down-time. A break from monotony always feels good.

So, what’s your experience adjusting to this shift?



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