A Short Rant About Facebook

Congratulations, everyone in America! Graph Search is now part of your lives! You can search for anything you or your friends have ever posted on Facebook that they’ve left accessible to you!

Okay. Seriously, this feature is no big deal if you a) have done some house cleaning over the years or b) were smart enough never to post anything incriminating.

But, as I took the “tour”–which, by the way, is personalized using information from your profile–I became very nostalgic. It gave me a demo search using my university as a search term. Then, it gave me an opportunity to look for things on my own profile. I chose to click “pictures of you with friends.” What I then saw, in no particular order, were all the pictures I have ever been tagged in with friends on Facebook. It packed an emotional punch.

And this is what leads me to the topic of my post. Facebook’s key strategy in retaining users, who it knows really want to leave, is further enmesh with them emotionally. Facebook wants to drag you in, make you feel that you need it. Besides, how on earth are you going to keep in touch with all those extended family members and college buddies?? With–what!–telephone calls or in-person interactions?! You’ll lose all those photos and comments from friends when you actually cared about each other!!

So, I am being a bit dramatic. But, I think everyone knows what I’m saying. And we all secretly (or not-so-secretly) hate Facebook.

One day, we will measure our lives by the time we spent away from this thing. And we’ll realize that we wasted a lot time.


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