Digital Detoxing

I recently read an article from Fast Company about how to take a digital vacation. It basically outlines ways to make actual vacations more meaningful by leaving our devices and digital identities at home. Along with many helpful tips like “Unfriend anyone who didn’t wish you a happy birthday,” it features quotes by various business people who have had to force themselves to make time to devote to more meaningful activities like spending time with family and friends. Now, I can’t remember exactly how this article lead me to the point of my blog, but somehow, I ended up stumbling upon something called “Digital Detox Retreats.” These are exactly what they sound like. You go to some remote resort somewhere, unplug, and spend your days doing yoga and eating vegan food. Sounds awesome to me!

While I have not yet been forced to stay plugged in through my career (it is all self-imposed here), I can completely understand why there would be a market for something like this. Besides the fact that it just sounds lovely all-around, I think (and hope) that we are slowly learning to reconnect to the real world. Yes, we need the internet and smartphones and all that, but we can get so absorbed in it. Ever feel like time is running too fast these days? Well, it is because we are constantly busy. I’ve found that the few times I have been digitally disconnected, days feel so much longer and more meaningful.

So, I plan on taking a digital detox one of these days. I think you should, too.

Fast Company Article:
When Is the Best Time to Unplug?

Digital Detox Retreats:
Digital Detox


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