On What Matters Most

I hesitate to write this blog because I’m going to talk about something that has been written about so much, it has almost become cliché. But, nevertheless, I will write anyway. I will avail myself of this faculty and, by doing so, beat the proverbial “dead horse.” This is something that few seem to be able to really understand, anyway. I include myself the majority that still doesn’t “get it,” at least in practical terms.

So, what is “it”? Well, as the title of this post suggests, I’ve been thinking a lot about what is truly important in life. Now, here is where we get the cliché. Family. Friends. Love. Blah blah blah. I’m not diminishing any of these things as I, too, think they are very important. But, I had some sobering moments of “real life” lately that forced me to recenter myself and do some soul searching.

A few weeks ago, a friend died. He was a classmate and colleague, as well. We weren’t even close, but we shared a lot of cool memories together and were friends. He was only 28 and had cancer. He died suddenly and unexpectedly, even though his cancer was pretty severe. He was supposed to be traveling to get an experimental treatment the day he died. It was tragic, really. We shared many friends and his funeral was an unplanned reunion of sorts. All of the the expected feelings were there and his death seemed to leave a lingering sadness among his large circle of friends and acquaintances.

Part of what made his passing so sad for me was the fact that we studied abroad together as undergrads. We didn’t even spend much time together abroad, but he has always been a character in my memories of that month. And while he is memorialized in my mind–still young, healthy, and full of life–it is sad to think that he is no longer around.

I suppose these sorts of things only prepare us for the inevitability of the future. Of the fact that these things are only going to happen more frequently and, likely, with a more personal sting. But my friend’s passing also breathed a little life into me. I got to hang out with people I haven’t seen since college and reconnect with friends I haven’t spent much time with lately. I was in a little rut and it helped me remember what is really important to me.

So, I suppose the moral of this blog is–no. There is no moral. All I can say is that we should try our absolute hardest to live intentionally and intensely. If not, then what’s the point?

Ciao a presto,


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