Keeping Up the Momentum

Do you ever get caught up in a flurry of activity? You’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing when, all of a sudden, a million things start coming down the pipeline. This newfound busyness is exhilarating. It feels as if once you finish one project, a new one lines up and takes its place.

Well, this was me about a week ago. In a week, I managed to do my first movie audition, record a voice over for use in a promotional video, and attend that last job interview I mentioned. It was super exciting to be so busy for once with things that I actually enjoy doing.

Now, everything has come to a grinding halt for the most part. I wasn’t cast in the movie, I finished the voice over project, and I haven’t heard from the prospective job in a week. To be frank, I am bored!

The hard part is trying to keep up the momentum I had last week. I was not only more productive when I was so busy, but I was happier! Keeping busy with these things that I really enjoy was great for my self-confidence. It is one thing to have many menial tasks to complete, but it is a entirely different ball of wax when you are dabbling in things that are fulfilling.

I have to consciously tell myself to keep trucking along. Keep applying for jobs. Try your hand at more voice over work now that you’ve completed your first paying gig. Keep exploring new projects and ideas.

I guess I’ve just hit a little pit in the hill. I just have to keep myself rolling.


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