The 2-Hour Job Interview

I just had the most intense job interview of my life. While I feel it started out strong, I didn’t end on such a strong note. I think this partly has to do with the length of the interview, as well as my waning confidence as time went on.

I was asked all sorts of questions ranging from the typical interview stuff to my hobbies, family upbringing, and why I stayed in my hometown for college. Needless to say, I was pretty worn out by the end. Some questions I wasn’t even sure how to answer, as they were leading and slightly confusing. In particular, I got quite stressed and nervous when the “typical day” was described. It really highlighted the anxieties I had about the job in the first place. Then another employee in the interview basically touched on his hesitancy about my ability to handle the stresses of the job, which is very fast-paced with multiple competing deadlines. I began to think, “Gee..if this guy talking about the frustrating aspects of the job has me physically stressed just hearing about it, would I be willing to feel this way all the time?” But, I think I did the best that I could given the circumstances.

So, my first job interview in 4 years is done. I can’t say that I wasn’t happy when it was over. I don’t think anyone really enjoys interviews, per se. It is basically a more cordial version of interrogation. Some people are just more confident than others.

On to the next one…whenever that happens.


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