Why I Love LinkedIn: Part Two

In my last post, I discussed how my LinkedIn profile went from bland to grand and how I increased my online presence. The next reason I love LinkedIn has to do with one of its very useful features: the ability to know who has looked at your profile. While we would probably cringe if this existed on Facebook, it has proven to be a very helpful tool in my job search.

I was planning on applying for a job with a particular company and I wanted to learn more about their business and the people who worked there. Long story short, by clicking through the profiles of people who work there, I was able to get on their radar screen simply by curiousity. When that little red flag popped up at the top of their profile, they could see that I had looked at it. They, in turn, took a look at my profile. I also used LinkedIn to find out who were the hiring managers at particular companies so that I could tailor my cover letters for them. This also proved helpful because I was able to look up HR Tips that one hiring manager had written while working for a career services office at a university via Google.

Now, all of this might seem a little creepy and, in all honesty, I feel a little creepy admitting this, but it is a tool at your disposal. A little focused Google searching can reveal a wealth of information. It is a little treasure hunt that I enjoy embarking on every once in a while. Either way, I am still learning to use LinkedIn to my full advantage. My job search has slowed down quite a bit in the last month and I need to get back into it.

On the bright side, I got an email from a real person in response to one of my applications! They want a phone interview tomorrow! Things are looking up!

Patience is key!


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